Disable Password Strength in WordPress or disable zxcvbn.min.js

Problem: Gtmetrix and google page speed show zxcvbn.min.js  So it’s downgrade your website speed. Here’s the way to fix above zxcvbn error.

Why file zxcvbn.min.js in WordPress?

I came across a website on WordPress which have no file /wp-includes/js/zxcvbn.min.js. Wondered, why this file, which also weighs 800kb uncompressed? He can’t disable it on their sites, we must first understand.

WooCommerce often forces us to apply strong passwords with the qualified strength meter because of security problems. The password strength includes strong, medium, and weak and is used in every login by users. However, there are some cases that people find it not useful or complicated. To be more particular, this activity could sometimes prevent customers from performing their orders. And this is often the major reason that they are keen on disabling it.

WooCommerce, like other eCommerce platforms, requires passwords. So, if you do not want any password strength meter and wish to disable it. Follow us with this step-by-step guide to know how to disable the password strength meter in WooCommerce.

zxcvbn.js file for WooCommerce password strength

So far the wp_enqueue_scripts code is the only solution that actually succeeded in removing the password strength meter files from being loaded. Total page size decreased by about 400KB which was awesome. (841KB to 439KB)

The problem is adding that code to my functions.php actually slowed down the load time… It caused a 404 error and WebPageTest shows TTFB for that file itself was 900ms after multiple trials.

On one hand I’m encouraged that something actually blocked the Javascript from being loaded and the total site size being cut in half. On the other hand the code you supplied slowed my site down (from 404 error and TTFB 900ms)

I just can’t believe WordPress doesn’t have a built in option to completely disable this in the admin dashboard. I’m not talking about blocking PW Java from loading on some pages, im saying COMPLETELY GONE.

If you are the sole user/admin/owner of your website (an don’t allow anyone to register) and aren’t dumb enough to make your password “1234” there is absolutely no point in having a pw strength meter. It results a big page size and slower load time. My site is 841KB and 400KB is the stupid pw strength meter. So frustrating!

There are literally thousands of people searching for this solution.

Remove zxcvbn.min.js WooCommerce Password Strength and Disable zxcvbn

Using code will be easy for those who are good at it. This method will not necessarily be advised. Nevertheless, it is one of the requests that you may encounter most of the time. As we mentioned previously, strong passwords in WooCommerce might become a deterrent because your customers could stop their buying process.

This is to say, you sometimes need to disable the password strength meter, which will be a good idea for some types of customers, especially non-tech-savvy ones. You could be able to disable strong passwords yourself by using our below code. So, add it to the file functions.php to disable the password strength meter:

Copy these code to functions.php (Theme Functions) then Save (Update file).

Add the code to the parent file functions.php Theme not copy in chaild theme 

//disable zxcvbn.min.js in wordpress-allservice-wp.com
add_action('wp_print_scripts', 'remove_password_strength_meter');
function remove_password_strength_meter() {
// Deregister script about password strenght meter allservice-wp.com

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