free download WPML 4.4.12 full active

WPML is a plugin for WordPress. Simply put, plugins extend the functionality of the basic WordPress CMS. In our case, WPML makes WordPress run multilingual.

The strength of this plugin is that most WordPress themes support it and you can use WPML to select multiple languages ​​for your website. This plugin supports 50 languages ​​of the world and the web master can easily use his own translation with the help of it and, in addition to Persian content, use other languages ​​to attract users from other countries..

Main Features WPML 4.4.12 WordPress Multilingual CMS Plugin

  • You have full control over how URLs look..
  •  You can set SEO meta information for translations.
  •   by tag or category.
  •  Sitemaps include the correct pages and pass Google Webmasters validation.
  • Ability to specify the main language of the website
  • RTL and LTR support for right-to-left websites (such as Persian and Arabic) or left-to-right (Latin sites)
  • And other features


free download WPML 4.4.12 Full Active