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100% guarantee that your WordPress website is clean and

Preserve peace of mind by increasing the security of your website.
We eliminate defectiveness and prevent future attacks.

Restore hacked WordPress websites and fix Google Alerts.

If your WordPress website is hacked or infected, the
WordPress Service Team will clean your website of 100%,
and will remove the webmaster infection a

Clean up the infected database

Some hackers put their malicious code in the
database after hacking or infecting websites
and have constant, and your website is not
secure until this infection is removed from
the database.

Prevent hacking WordPress websites

WordPress Service Team keeps your
WordPress website safe and secure from
hacking. we protect all files and stop malicious

Identify suspicious behaviors

Hackers discover new vulnerabilities in
WordPress plugins and themes every day.

We protect WordPress websites and stop
suspicious behavior with the first warning.
Reducing new threats requires new updating


Prevent DDoS attacks

One of the security features of WordPress
websites is to prevent DDOS attacks

DDoS attacks make your WordPress
website inaccessible, DDoS attacks can
even be from competitors, these attacks
can be done through infinite numbers of
IPs. Therefore you cannot prevent them.

Thanks our professional experts,
WordPress Service Team can easily
prevents DOS attacks on your website.

Prevent Bad Bots on Your Website

Another important security issue for
WordPress websites is to prevent bot
attack to consume server resources and
find passwords

Due to increasing numbers of plugins and null
templates, as well as the
surging in Internet hacking,
maintaining websites has become a very

complicated and difficult task.
We should know that
more than
60% of all websites in the world use
WordPress, for example, the blog section of
DJ Kala
is WordPress. We suggest using general website

management systems for you, but

According to WPscan, most known WordPress
security vulnerabilities are related to nonoriginal
and infected WordPress plugins and templates and
do not originate from WordPress itself. According to
live internet statistics, more than 70,000 websites
are hacked daily, and that is, due to the lack of
knowledge in website management. In 2017, 4,000
WordPress websites were infected with malware
caused by a fake SEO plugin.

In 20192020, more than 5,000 websites featuring
easytoinstall package, duplicator plugins were
infected with the redirect virus, with Iran ranking

But thanks to WordPress Service Team, this problem
is not a challenge anymore and complexities can be
managed easily.


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